Wait, What?

That's right. weMessage brings the popular messaging platform iMessage to your Android device, without reverse engineering or exploits. It does this by running as a server on your Mac machine, and sends your iMessages straight to the weMessage app on your phone. In addition to being lightning fast and incredibly easy to setup, it comes loaded with many of iMessage's coveted features and even more!

Group Chats

weMessage supports direct and group messaging, as well as creating, renaming, or adding and removing people from group chats!


You can send and receive image, audio, or video attachments! You can also send voice messages or images taken straight from your camera!

SMS Messaging

weMessage can also act as the default SMS and MMS messaging app on your phone, making it a universal messenger solution. Even if you don't have iMessage or a Mac, you can still use weMessage for your texting needs.

Easy Customization

You can customize contact names, contact pictures, and even set a group chat icon if you'd like! You can also use Contact Sync, a feature that imports the contacts on your Mac or your phone to your app.

Advanced Encryption

Your messages are sent and delivered using AES cryptography, the encryption standard for the U.S. government.

Even More Features!

On top of all of these features, weMessage includes notifications, contact blocking, iMessage effects such as confetti and fireworks, read receipts, big emoji messages, and more!

Stop getting left out.

In order to use weMessage, you must download the app from the Play Store and install the weServer on a MacOS computer. If you are using weMessage just for SMS messaging, you only have to download the Android app. For more information about installation click here!

Connect With Us!

weMessage is an open-source project. To find the code for this app, click here!